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Paradigm MMA Management is an industry leader in mixed martial arts management, offering clients the full range of services including lucrative fighting opportunities, sponsorships, commission compliance, career guidance, and much more. At Paradigm MMA Management, our philosophy is that fighters should worry about fighting while we handle everything else.

Through our experience representing top-level professional athletes in the NFL and MLB we are able to provide services that are lacking at most MMA firms.  By bringing this top-level representation into the MMA world we are able to help clients in all aspects of their careers.  Paradigm MMA Management understands the unique personalities of each individual fighter, and use holistic marketing plans to build each fighters brand to match their personality and provide them with the best opportunities during and after their fighting career.

Paradigm MMA Management provides real and comprehensive services to our clients.  These services include:

  • Fighting Opportunities: Leveraging relationships with
    over 30 fight promotions throughout the world, including, UFC, Strikeforce, MFC, BAMMA, Bellator, Legacy, etc.
  • Contract negotiations with fight promotions
  • Commission compliance
  • Sponsorship procurement for fights
  • Sponsorship and endorsement negotiations
  • Contract writing and review for fights and sponsorships
  • Career management and post career planning
  • Integrated marketing campaign
  • Brand building and management
  • Public Relations
  • Local and national media campaigns
  • Public speaking and media training
  • Fight-camp training assistance
  • Legal counsel
  • Relocation Services

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